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Q: What is the highest prestige level you can reach on black ops?
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Why cant you prestige in black ops 2 when you reach the prestige level?

you need to reach the entire level fiftyfive then you go into your barracks and and prestige

What level do you have to be to prestiege on MW2?

Level 80 is the highest level you can reach before you prestige.

How do you prestige in call of duty black ops 2?

Once you reach the prestige Level it will ask you

How do you prestige in cod black ops?

reach level 50 ,then go to player card ,then click on "PRESTIGE"

How do you get to prestige mode faster on call of duty black ops?

you will have to play multi player. and you will have to reach level 50, 14 times to reach prestige.

Can you prostiege in the Call of Duty Black Ops game?

You have to reach level 50 to prestige.

When do you unlock gold camo in black ops?

You unlock gold camo in black ops, when you reach prestige level 14, level 25.

What is the highest rank on the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare: Commander: Level 55 Call of Duty World at War: Commander: Level 65 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Commander: Level 70 Call of Duty Black Ops: Commander: Level 50

What level do you have to reach on MW3 to prestige?

you have to be rank 80 to prestige

How can you get the level 14 prestige camo in call of duty black ops combat training?

reach level 50... 14 times

How do you prestige on black ops 2?

You have to reach level 55, reach the max XP for 55, then go under Barracks then select prestige. It will ask you all these questions about making sure you're ready.

How do you prestige on back ops?

Prestiging in Black Ops is no different to the previous 3 games - all you have to do is reach level 50 and go to your playercard and enter Prestige Mode.