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it keeps on going

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Q: What is the highest black ops zombie round ever?
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What is the highest round ever went in call of duty black ops zombies xbox?

im sure the highest black ops survival is about level 150 im guessing.

What is the highiest naiz zombie round ever made?

the highest round of zombies i have made it up 2 was 48 we used a glitch an we had no more ammo so we got out the aan we ranked the nd we died it was fun though we ranked 100 in the world an were very happy with it to get glich go to youtube an type kino der toten zombie gliches it is very helpful.

What is the biggest level ever reached on Nazi zombie black ops?


What is the highest hit ever hit on adventure quest worlds?

I hit the black knight with 51234 damage glitch. The highest hit for mage class is a round 1420 that I (gigamoe4) hit by using ice shard then fireball.

What is the highest round anyone has ever gotten to on bloons tower defense 4?

194 my name is Aaron and i have beaten the round and i am at round 613 on medium

How do you breed a zombie in Call of Duty Black Ops?

You don't breed them. You kill them. I mean really. It's call of duty not Sims pets zombie edition or what ever.

Who recorded the highest ever PGA Tour round and what was the score?

89, Ralph Johnston - 1972

Could you ever become a zombie?

No it is impossible to become a zombie.

What is the highest killstreak ever on Black Ops?

11 killstreaks: attack dogs or gunship

Does kryptonite work on zombie Superman?

If superman ever became a zombie, probably.

Will there ever be a zombie apocalypse?

Nobody knows for sure, but chances are, there will not be a zombie apocalypse.

Will there ever be a real zombie pandemic?

No, there will never be a real zombie pandemic, because you need space aliens for a zombie pandemic.