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It is used for a better rhythm and music of the ensemble - the Rondalla

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Q: What is the function of banduria guitar its true?
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What is a banduria?

a guitar-like instrument with 16 or 14 strings!

Which guitar string would have the lower pitch the guitar string is short and tight or guitar string is really long and loose?

depending on the the individual gauges of the six (6) guitar strings ie: E, A, D, G, B, E, of course the guitar string that is long and loose produces the lowest pitch... A good example of this are the strings on a mandolin or a 'banduria' which has shorter strings compared to the strings on the guitar...because the mandolin/banduria strings are shorter and tighter, it produces higher pitch... "short and tight=higher pitch......long and loose=lower pitch"

What are the different kinds of the rondalla instruments?

Banduria- plays the role similar to that of the clarinet, trumpet, or the violin in the orchestraOctavina- plays the tenor part, sometimes used as filler in the harmony, but frequently given the counter melody to carryGuitar-plays the harmony part.Bass- provides the fundamental ground tone, which gives solidness in rhythm

What are the instruments in Cebu?

Some traditional instruments in Cebu, Philippines include the rondalla (string ensemble), banduria (small mandolin), octavina (small guitar), guitar, and drums. These instruments are often used in traditional folk music and dance performances in the region.

What is the size of the banduria instrument?

26-30 inches......BanduriaLaudoctaviaGuitarpicolo Banduria ♥Yan po ung ANSWER SAlearner's module page 20-21 ( kung grade seven po kayo )

What is the function of the bridge of a guitar?

i loves the cake

The carol 'Silent Night' was first sang with a guitar True or False?

Yes, it was originally written for voice with guitar accompaniment.

What are the bandurria chords of replay?

banduria chords of replay

How do you convert piano chords to banduria?

twinkle stars

How many classical guitar societies worldwide?

True number of classical guitar societies worldwide is impossible to figure out. Guitar reached the peak of its popularity in the second half of the 20th century and a lot of professional guitar societies and organizations started to exist and function (Guitar Foundation of America would be one of the best examples). Guitar today is a part of every major university and every medium-size city which usually results in formation of some type of guitar society, club, or a guild. Most of these societies function on a smaller, local level so it is very difficult to come up with a world-wide list.

What is the function of electric guitar?

Make music or sounds.

Is it true that Niall from one direction has to stop singing and only play guitar?