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one of my favourate way is to dig a 2x2 hole down to bedrock but make sure you dont take anything to valubale as you can fall in to lava quickly.

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Q: What is the fastest way to get diamonds in minecraft?
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In AQWorlds what is the easiest or fastest way to get Diamonds of Miltonius? to get diamonds faster in aqworlds?

Is there a way of getting diamonds in seconds on minecraft?

cheat or get lucky...

How is the easist way to obtain diamonds in minecraft?

look in mineshafts

What is more valuable diamonds or rubies?

i think its diamonds!(like in minecraft)

Can you craft diamonds in minecraft?

Yes, you can craft diamonds in Minecraft. To do this, simply place a diamond block on a crafting grid. This will yield nine diamonds. Similarly, you can place nine diamonds on the crafting table, which yields a diamond block. Other than this, there is no other way you can craft diamonds.Note: Diamond blocks are not naturally found in a Minecraft world.Consequently, you need to find diamonds to craft the diamond block to craftthe diamonds.

Can you get diamonds in classic Minecraft?

No; diamonds were not yet implemented in Minecraft Classic. (v. 0.30)

Can you grow diamond in minecraft?

No, you can't grow diamonds (unless you get a mod, or something that lets you grow it.) The only way to find diamonds is to mine them.

Are plain ladders the fastest way to climb in MineCraft 1.2.4 without mods?


How do you make diamonds on Minecraft?

You don't make diamonds (unless, probably, if you have Tekkit), you find them. I suggest mining around lava pools or mining 7-12 blocks above bedrock, as a whole lot of other goodies and stuff is around that area.

Is branch mining the most effective way to get diamond in minecraft?

i think it is, i get around 3-10 diamonds in an hour

What tool in Minecraft collects diamonds?

You will have to use an iron pickaxe to mine diamonds.

Where are diamonds found Minecraft?

Diamonds are found below level 16 of the world.