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runescape training involves hitting any monster with magic, ranged, and melee the more advanced bows only work with certain arrows and you need a higher level at level 30 you can get a oak bow i believe or is it a willow no matter the more more advanced the arrow is the more advanced your bow has to be the more you inflict high damage the more xp you get in range.

~Angelsblade0 says,~ the fastest, and most efficiant ways are two diffrent ways. the fastest way is to go to chaos tunnes mummies', or apetoll zombie monkies with chins, range/pray pots, and the best range armour u can get(full void or arma wuld be recomended). the most effeciant way to train range is training while doing slayer assingments as your leveling two skills at once.

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Q: What is the fastest and most efficient way to train range in runescape using weapon?
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What is the fastest weapon on runescape?

Darts and throwing knives are the fastest range weopons. Scimitars are the fastest malee.

What is the best f2p rune weapon on runescape?

The overall best f2p Runescape weapon is actually a range weapon - Maple Longbow (sighted). It has a range bonus of over 100. The best f2p degradeable weapon is the Gravite 2h. Both are Dungeonneering weapons and need 45 Dungeonneering levels.

Is Verac's flail in runescape a good weapon?

It is a very good weapon, hitting in the 30-40 range if you have 99 strength, but is very slow.

The name of a short range rocket weapon?

short range rocket weapon

What is the best weapon in RuneScape as of today?

If your looking for the best melee weapon its is the Chaotic Maul witch at the max hit, hits 950. For Range it is the Dark Bow. with its special it can, with 2 dargon arrows, hit 2 520's at max Im not sure what the best weapon in magic is so im not going to answer.

Email gawdlyliveca if you have a range runescape account i can have?

Sorry, it is against the runescape rules of play.

What is the best weapon to train up defence in runescape?

perferably for members dragin scimitar or whip for non members rune b axe or rune scimitar and if u hvae a hi range lv then use a dark bow or knifes on defence/range catagorie

Where can you find a cooking range on rune scape?

There are many cooking ranges on runescape. The best cooking range on runescape is at Al-Kharid. It is the closest to a bank.

In runescape what range do you need to weild a maple bow?

You need 30 range.

How do you level up your constitution on runescape the fastest?

for me training range is the best way, i advice you to be a tank or a ranged 2h-er(pures)

Can someone be my range buddy non member in runescape?

i can

What level in range do you have to be to go on hiscores on runescape?