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An airplane

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Q: What is the easiest way to move equipment across a roof?
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How do you move the roof on Sims 3 on the Xbox?

try build and buy and go to build get the roof move it

Why did the globe theatre have no roof?

Easiest way to get good ventilation and daytime lighting was to leave the roof off.

Why you need trusses?

Roof trusses are used to support the roof and to make certain that the weight of the roof is distributed equally across the building for maximum support.

The roof is 20 feet high. I climbed 18 inches of the roof How many inches did I climb?

this is like the easiest thing ever!!!!! you climbed 18 inches!!! :::)))

Is a hip roof stronger than a gable roof?

a hip roof is stronger than a gable roof because it braces itself and cannot move from side to side.

Why are walls built at right angles to the ground?

Easiest that way to get them to carry their own weight, and the weight of the roof.

Has the price of Agricultural Equipment gone through the roof?

Due to massive agricultural equipment shortages in the past few years, the price of these machines has gone through the roof. There is no indication that the prices will come down any time soon.

What roof shapes require the simplest frame?

The easiest roof to build would be a lean to roof. There are no angles, ridges or gables to deal with.Simply put, it is a flat roof with a slight pitch so water can run off it.Also, many different kinds of materials can be used to actually put on the roof, from pitch and tar to shingles.

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the roof won't move until 1. the car is in park and 2. you put on the emergency brake

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You make a line in the middle and move it with the move tool and it will make a roof .if it doesnt work make a line until it marks endpoint.

Does the cloud roof in the venetian las Vegas move?


How do you get a helicopter in gta vcs?

the easiest way is too find a police stations or medic station's and the it from the roof or in the back