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Nothing realy just that short bow is stronger but dosent shoot as far as a long bow.

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Q: What is the difference in a long bow and a short bow in runescape?
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What is the difference in a long bow and a short bow real life?

Really? A Longbow is a Bow that is at least as tall as you are A Shortbow is not

What is the best bow to use for non members in runescape?

The best bow for non members on runescape i think is the maple short bow it is short so it is really fast and its a maple so it is strong as well

In runescape is a magic short bow or a rune crossbow better to train range fater with?

A Rune Crossbow is better to train Range with than Magic Short, Long or composite bow.

Which is faster long bow or short bow?

A short bow is faster

Which bow is better in RuneScape?

The highest hitting bow with the highest DPS in runescape is the Zaryte bow. The bow with the best special attack however, is the dark bow with dragon arrows.

Do maple longbow u buy in RuneScape?

U can either buy a maple long bow from the Grand Exchange or there is a bow shop in Verrock.

What is the difference on runescape cross bow or long bow?

Bolts from the crossbow can be stronger than a longbow but longbow's can shoot arrows from long range and crossbows are useful to kill people on PVP or to kill them on any knids of Mini - game.But in my opinion , crossbows was my idea to use for hitting harder.

Is it better to have a short bow and arrow?

Yes, short bows have higher DPS than long bows. (Excluding bows such as dark bow with dragon arrows and the Zaryte bow)

How much is a dark bow in ge?

A dark bow is like 249k in runescape.

How much is a dark bow on RuneScape?


Runescape where is the courtesy emote?

Look for the bow emote.

What does a sacred bow do for you on runescape?

A sacred clay bow will double the experience you get in ranged until it wears out.