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Its not always the same one for everybody. It varies. Go upstairs, look under couch, put computer boot disc in computer, go to files, combination. North, south, east, west, put them in the correct order and you have combination.

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Q: What is the combination for the mission?
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What is the combination for the Club Penguin mission?


What is the moshling combination for tiamo?

super moshi mission

What is the color combination on the club penguin mission?


How do you get the combination on mission 3 on club penguin?

for the cobinationtype in key

How do you get out of HQ in mission 11?

press the yellow book and get the combination

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What is the combination for the moshling pinky on moshi monsters?

You get her in a mission. (You have to be a member.)

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I don't think you need a combination. I got her through a super moshi mission.

What is the combination on club penguin mission?

n8 e6 w4 s4

What is thecombinatoin in club penguin?

The combination changes every time you do the mission

What is the combination to the safe on club penguin?

it depends on the computer in mission 3

What is the rock combination on mission 1 in Fantage?

itss ninja retard