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Mission 1: Lady googoo

Mission 2: Wurley

Mission 3: Plinky

Mission 4: Cherry bomb

Mission 5: Holga

Mission 6: Penny

Mission 7: Tiamo

Mission 8: Gabby

Mission 9: Tomba

Mission 10: Wallop


Series 2


Mission 1: Cocoloco

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Q: What moshling do you get on the missions?
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How do you get the moshling on the Super Moshi Missions on Moshi Monsters?

To get a moshling on the Super Moshi Missions you will have to complete the mission. At the end of the mission, you will be asked if you want to keep the moshling or not. If you click on "Keep It" the moshling will be added to your Moshling Zoo. If you click on "Set If Free", the moshling will be gone. Note: you have to be a paid Moshi Member to complete Super Moshi Missions.

Do you get a moshling in missions on Moshi Monsters?

Yes, you get a moshling as a prize for completing Super Moshi Missions on Moshi Monsters. If the mission has more than one part, you have to complete all parts of the mission to get the moshling.Note: You may not always get a moshling for completing a Moshling Adventure.

What do you have to be to get a moshling?

You can do several things to get a moshling: plant seeds to attract a moshling, become a Super Moshi and complete missions, or buy specific items to get a seed code that will attract a specific Moshling.

How do you get Holga the moshling pet?

you finish one of the super moshi missions

What is the first moshling you get in moshi missions season 2?

The first moshling you get in Super Moshi Missions Season 2 is CocoLoco the Naughty Nutter.

How 2 get wheelie the helicopter moshling on moshi monsters?

This Moshling is found during Mission 2 of the Super Moshi Missions. Head over to the Volcano to find out more.

Who is sweet tooth the moshling on moshi monsters?

Sweet Tooth is not a moshling. Sweet Tooth is someone who works for Dr. Strange Glove. You can see Sweet Tooth in the Super Moshi Missions.

What store do you go to get a moshi monster pet?

In the Moshi Monsters game, you can not get moshlings in the stores. You plant seeds in your moshling garden to attract moshlings or, if you are a paid member, you complete Super Moshi Missions to get a moshling.

What moshling do you get from missions?

you can get Penny and Tiamoand Tomba and lots lots more moshlings on all themoshi missions oh if you play the new season two missions on the first two you get Coco Loco and the Teeth moshlings BUT you have to be a member to do moshimissions sorry!

How do you catch Rofi the moshling on moshi monsters?

To get rofl you need to do the super moshi missions season 2 the second mission.

What is the most popular moshling for non members?

It is either snookums or chop chop it is actually lady goo go on missions

How do you get rare moshling codes?

You can get moshling codes in various places. For the really rare moshlings, the Daily Growl is a good source of information. You can also get moshling codes by purchasing Moshi Monsters items and magazines. You can also get some rare moshlings by completing Super Moshi Missions.