What is the code to Darkrai?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is the code to Darkrai?
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What is the code for Darkria in Pokemon Rumble?

There is no code for darkrai.

What is the alamos Darkrai code on roblox Pokemon?

4732-3591<<---THIS CODE IS WRONG The Darkrai code is changed this is the new one 5482-1481 Roblox name : dimucchu1

What is the Action Replay code for Darkrai in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

There is not a known Darkrai Action Replay Code for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver yet.

What is the action replay code for Darkrai?


How can you get darkrai mystery gift code for Pokemon Y?

Unfortunately, the event Darkrai was only released in Japan, where lucky people with preordered tickets to M17 could insert a serial code into their game to get the Darkrai. Hope this helps.

How do you get Darkrai code?

It is impossible to get Darkrai in SSBB. He does not make any appearances in the game at any cutscenes, as a character, or even out of a Pokeball. You cannot hack to get Darkrai. How long have you had the game? He is a TROPHY.

How do you get Darkrai on Pokemon platinum without a cheat code?

nentendo event sorry but i dont think its out anymore but i have darkrai

Is their an action replay code for the Darkrai event?


How do you get Darkrai members pass?

You have to have an action replay and register a code to get it.

Is there a code to defete Darkrai?

I dont understand that you want to defeat darkrai instead of capturing it but if u have action replay you can just use the code one-hit-ko or just use the 100% capture rate code

Can you make darkrai reappear at new moon island after you have already caught darkrai using an action replay code in Pokemon diamond?


How do you get Darkrai in Pokemon Diamond without code hackers?

You can get it from an event or trade.