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The code for null on moparscape is a big white bar at the top of the screen, then click help and go to item codes. It is at least six numbers.

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Q: What is the code for null on moparscape?
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How do you get the null of a godsword to turn into a godsword on moparscape?

Godswords are not compatible with Moparscape. However, SilabSoft is just like mopar scape, just more items and more updates.

Moparscape bandos code?

there is no bandos code. sorry guys

What is the code for a p'ring on moparscape?

774 or 773

What is the code for p'ring on moparscape?

773 or 774

What is the code for darkbow in moparscape?

there is no code for it.. because it only appears on private servers who have it as a custom item xD

How do you code items on moparscape?

you have to be the server owner and write ::item then the code after it and how much you want of them and press enter.

What is the exact code for a godsword on moparscape?

there is none you have to customize a "null" item then get some codes to make it look like a godsword you have to make the exact stats for it use a graphic program to make it look exactly like a godsword. hope that help ya ;).

Code for bandos armor on moparscape?

There is not one. and there is not one for any godswords srry i wish there was

What it moparscape?

Moparscape is an ileagle game which comes from runescape, Moparscape has many private servers. Moparscape is the free version of Runescape which means all weapons on runesape are free on moparscape or called mopar

Is moparscape safe?

Moparscape is a forums hahah, of coarse!

What is the dragon claws code for moparscape?

There are no dragon claws in moparscape. Anyways, moparscape is a crappy Private Server and it has keyloggers and viruses so don't use it. Try using a better pserver like 2speced or PvP Planet (PvP Planet has dragon claws).

Where can you learn how to code a runescape private server?

Moparscape Forums would probably be the best place to start.