Is there a moparscape cheat client?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can find "Bombs Cheat Client" on runelocus. Moparscape Servers only

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Q: Is there a moparscape cheat client?
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What is a moparscape client?

Moparscape was a cheat client designed by "Moparisthebest" back when Runescape was still in it's classic form, the cheat client then became a botting client. After some time it became outdated and it is now used to get on old school private servers or play your own entitled "moparisthebest"

Are there any runescape private servers that work in the moparscape client?

There are 100's of Runescape private servers that work in the moparscape client. On the moparscape website they have a list of servers that are currently online. You go to one of the most used/popular servers and download it - change the servername and port on the client and you should be good to go.

How do you get on moparscape?

go to and download their client. just remember to not use you actual runescape username and password, as it could get stolen. moparscape is not the original runescape, its the private servers.

Where is clientjava in moparscape servers?

if your using the moparscape client that has the server built in it they dont have one, if your not and your using like figment or allstar and my favorite.. delta it will be just in the source files liek (class6 blah blah blah then there will be client or it might be called for you but my computer reconizes java so it says client)

What is a moparscape server?

There is no such thing as a moparscape server, you simply have java based servers either from; Winterlove, Rs2hd, Codeusa, rs2dev and many other bases. Most commonly used which are horrid are delta scape and Hyperion. The moparscape client, which was designed by moparisthebest can be used to get on some servers, but most need a custom client like.

What are a few good moparscape servers that dont need a client? best ever ftw.

How do you find out NPC id numbers on runescape?

Moparscape client should have a basic NPC list built in.

How do you use silabs client?

I suppose you mean silabs as in the moparscape client to run a private server? Well if you want to use the client you download it on the moparscape forums then you will get a .Rar file, download .rar if you dont have it, then extract it to desktop. Open the file and there will be a run option. Click run, this should open a webpage and a client. In the ip place on the client, put whatever ip you are using on the server. Then put in your username and pass. It should then log into that server. =)

How do you make a client for a runescape private server and have it able to let other people download and play when i already have the server ready but need to make it into a client?

Use the moparscape forums for guides on that.

How do you get MoparScape installed?

u noob! dont download it. its illegal and jagex hunts down people that play it will get ip bann only if they download it. it gives u a virus ----------------------------------------------------------------------- LOL! you idiot... moparscape is runescape, but private servers, even WoW has private servers.. to download moparscape client, go to www.moparscape.rg and click forums, then look for download moparscape 3.2 w/ aryan and then it's done you will also need winRAR

Is moparscape a cheat site of runescape?

No it is a separate site it still has the same rules but tweeked for example the trade limit and NPC

What is the best most updated frequent players and have their own client on MoparScape?

RuneScape private servers have alot of players that might lie about their name but the most known private servers owners is Miss silab soft Moparscape Owned_pl0xs Gnarly Drowning