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There are 100's of Runescape private servers that work in the moparscape client. On the moparscape website they have a list of servers that are currently online. You go to one of the most used/popular servers and download it - change the servername and port on the client and you should be good to go.

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Q: Are there any runescape private servers that work in the moparscape client?
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How do you get on moparscape?

go to and download their client. just remember to not use you actual runescape username and password, as it could get stolen. moparscape is not the original runescape, its the private servers.

What is the best most updated frequent players and have their own client on MoparScape?

RuneScape private servers have alot of players that might lie about their name but the most known private servers owners is Miss silab soft Moparscape Owned_pl0xs Gnarly Drowning

What is better silab client or RuneScape?

The Silab Client is a 317 Private Server Client developed by Miss Silabsoft from the MoparScape Community The Silab Client cannot be used to play anything other than RuneScape Private Servers. You cannot play RuneScape using the Silab Client.

What is a moparscape client?

Moparscape was a cheat client designed by "Moparisthebest" back when Runescape was still in it's classic form, the cheat client then became a botting client. After some time it became outdated and it is now used to get on old school private servers or play your own entitled "moparisthebest"

How do you get MoparScape installed?

u noob! dont download it. its illegal and jagex hunts down people that play it will get ip bann only if they download it. it gives u a virus ----------------------------------------------------------------------- LOL! you idiot... moparscape is runescape, but private servers, even WoW has private servers.. to download moparscape client, go to www.moparscape.rg and click forums, then look for download moparscape 3.2 w/ aryan and then it's done you will also need winRAR

Is client safe the runescape private servers one?

Runescape private servers may or may not be safe. Malicious code can easily be attached to the client. The only safe Runescape client is the official game client supported by Jagex.

Is there a moparscape cheat client?

You can find "Bombs Cheat Client" on runelocus. Moparscape Servers only

Where can i find a cheat client for runescape private servers?


Can moparscape items be put into RuneScape?

If you want a simple and quick question, the answer is NO. Technical reason: 'Moparscape' servers, otherwise known as RS2 Private Servers were created from scratch. That is why some of the big servers aren't getting sued. What makes them alike is that the server uses the client to gather information. A client cannot be used to hack Runescape because you'll first have to abide their accepting system. Lets say you hacked your way in, but there is a problem. If you 'spawned' an item, it would only appear for you because others don't have the client.

Does RuneScape bots work on private servers?

No, because the bots use there own RuneScape client...

What is Moparscape?

Moparscape is a client that can run Runescape private servers, or player-owned servers. You may also start your own Hybridscape server with it if you'd like, but you'd need to forward the port so others could join if you wanted other people to be able to play with you. Player-owned servers are often very different from Jagex's version of Runescape. They often times have you start out in different places (i.e. Varrock East Bank), and usually no Tutorial Island, as most private server users have already played the real version of Runescape.

What is the name of the on-line copies of runescape where it is easy to get money and level up?

If your talking about a copy of the game, they're called Private Servers. Just search Moparscape or Silabsoft. Once you're on a client you either make your own server or go on someone elses server. You can find other servers by going to websites like However, these servers do not effect the real RuneScape, the servers are just a copy of RuneScape.