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SD 46 OIRAM REPUS you should be all set now, use that.

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Q: What is the clone action replay code for Super Mario 64 DS?
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What is the clone ar code for super Mario 64 ds?

What do you mean clone Action Replay code for super Mario 64 ds? If you can explain what this is, I will try my hardest to answer this question. the A R is the action replay about the clone code... i used to have it but i couldn`t figure out how to use it...

Clone code in action replay pearl?

you can't clone

How do you clone in pearl?

action replay

Can you clone Pokemon without an action replay?

No you can not.

How do you clone in SoulSilver?

use action replay

How do you clone mespirit?

Just get an Action Replay.

What is a clone box?

a box that has two exact replicas using the action replay code to clone

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon pearl with action replay?

well, you can't really clone them without a AR

How can you clone in Pokemon diamond and pearl?

you need an action replay and a code

How do you get 999 rare candies in pearl without action replay?

Clone them!

In diamond is there a way you can clone rare candies?

no. Unless you have action replay.

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon platn um?

You use the action replay