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You can't without an action replay

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Q: How do you clone legendary Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you clone lengadery Pokemon in Pokemon platinum using Ditto?

Without an action replay, you can't mate dittos with legendary pokemon.

How do you do the clone trick in Pokemon Platinum?

In Platinum, there is no way (yet) to clone pokemon, unless you use cheats or hacks.

How do you clone legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Crater?

There's no way on Pokemon Crater, if it was Pearl, Diamond, Emerald, or Platinum, I could help. I'm experimenting with Heart Gold and Soul Silver

Where are the legendary dogs in Pokemon Platinum?

They are not found in the wild in Pokemon Platinum.

POkemon platinum how to clone items?

Cant you can only on Pokemon heartgold search for how do you clone items in Pokemon heartgold and my answer will be there

What is the clone Pokemon code for Pokemon Platinum?

if you mean star pokemon, giratina

Clone lengadery Pokemon in Pokemon platinum using dittoone a?

not possible

Is Groudon and Kyogre legendary Pokemon?

what are you crazy, they are two of the strongest legendary Pokemon but you can still clone them in emerald, look it up

In Pokemon platinum what do you do after you have freed the three legendary Pokemon?

try to catch your legendary. It varies on which legendary depending on what starter you chose.

How do you catch the legendary Palkia on Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot catch the legendary palkia on pokemon platinum but however you can use action replay to get it (most likely cheating)

What legendary Pokemon in platinum is number 486?

the 486 legendary is yo mama @#$%@

What is the Pokemon platinum clone code?

by kissing my and sucking my duck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!