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you have to youse the action replay

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Q: What is the cheat for 999 rare candies on Pokemon pearl?
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How do you get infinitie rare candies in Pokemon pearl?

you cant.

What do you press to activate 999 rare candies?

You get an R4 and activate the cheat code "Rare Candy." Then voila. You get 999 candies. There's also a cheat for Masterballs too. It only works for a DS. Get a Pokemon Diamond/Pearl for a DS and get the cheat right away if you have an R4.

How do you get infinante rare candies in Pokemon pearl for nentendo ds?

there is a cheat for the action replay called "all medicene x900", but i don't know the code for pearl. . .

Rare candy cheat pokemon crystal?

Try using the pokemon gameshark code for rare candies: 01xx86d8 and replace the xx with 20 for rare candies.

What is the cheat to get master balls in pearl?

In Pokemon pearl, the beginning, if you have pressed Y, you'll get cheat: 999 masterballs, 999 rare candies, 999 leftovers....You may even go through stuff! P.S. I have cheat.

How do you get 99 rare candies Pokemon pearl?

rare candies can only be found in certain places scatterd around shinoh only 8 are accessable To get 99 you have to cheat with a cheating device like AR or gameshark.

How can you get more rare candies in Pokemon FireRed?

cheat codes

How do you get infinite rare candies in Pokemon leafgreen version?

by cheat

How do you get level 100 rare candies in Pokemon lake?


Pokemon Pearl 99 rare candies?

action replay

Were to get one Thousand rare candies cheat on Pokemon fire red?

if you want to get 999 rare candies you need to get a gameshark.

Whats the code for Pokemon pearl Rare candies for a codebreaker?