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Q: How do you get level 100 rare candies in Pokemon lake?
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Where do you buy rare candies on Pokemon lake?

Rare Candies are not buyable in the game.

What is the highest Pokemon level in Pokemon lake?

The lake Pokemon but the best is Azulf is the best or yours if you are a good trainer. The highest is 50

How do you level up Pokemon past Level 100 in Pokemon Lake?

Buy rare candies (they're expensive though) and use them on the pokemon you want. (Max level is 127.)

Where are all of the rare candies in Pokemon soulsilver?

You can find rare candies in mountains and you can use th dowsing machine.Rare candies can level up Pokemon,but beware,the Pokemon wont be as strong as the level is. It will get a bit stronger but not as strong as you think...:(

How do you get your Pokemon to level up fast on Pokemon sapphire?

try rare candies

Do any items help Pokemon level up?

Yes. Rare Candies level up your Pokemon.

Where are rare candies at the end of the game in Pokemon black?

they are candies that you feed your pokemon and each one puts your pokemon one level higher

Can Pokemon on pearl evolve from rare candies?

Rare candies only raise a pokemon's level. There are no pokemon that need a rare candy to evolve. That being said, using a rare candy may elevate a pokemon to the level required for evolution.

Do rare candies build up friandship friendship?

No, rare candies only builds up the level of a Pokemon and when a Pokemon levels up, the stats go up.

How do you level up your Pokemon very fast?

By giving it rare candies :)

Is there an easy way to get a Pokemon to level 100 on Pokemon diamond?

you can give them a lot of rare candies

How do you make your Pokemon on Pokemon heartgold level 99?

Battle a lot, or use Rare Candies.