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i belive it is the victini event boat, there is several boats, and im not sure what one your talking about. if it involves the liberty pass, it is victini even

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Q: What is the blue boat on Pokemon black?
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What is the black boat for in Pokemon Black and White?


What is the black boat on Pokemon white?

It's Team Plasmas boat!

How do you get on the black boat on Pokemon White?

You can't.

Can you get to liberity pier on Pokemon black?

With the damned liberty ticket event. Go to the leftmost pier. The guy next to the blue boat will take you. I think.

What is that black boat in Pokemon White for?

go on it and find out.

Where can you massage your Pokemon in Pokemon black?

in castelia city, city with boat to victini

How do you get the black boat in the prime pier in pokemon black?

I have a feeling it is the boat u ride to the p2 lab for the genesect event.

What is the black boat for in Pokemon black?

To take team Plazma to liberty island.

How do you get in the black boat in Pokemon black?

Well I don't think you can actually get into the black boat as it is Team Plasma's. I'm not sure though but it doesn't seem like you can.

What does the black boat do in Pokemon Black and White?

It doesn't do anything that I am aware of, as it is Team Plasma's boat which they would use but it doesn't do anything and you can't board it.

Where does the black boat go in Pokemon white?

The black boat that can be found located to your left on Prime Pier in Castelia City does not go anywhere and serves no purpose in the game.

Where do you get blue flare in Pokemon black?

From Reshiram at level 100.