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I have a feeling it is the boat u ride to the p2 lab for the genesect event.

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Q: How do you get the black boat in the prime pier in pokemon black?
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Where does the black boat go in Pokemon white?

The black boat that can be found located to your left on Prime Pier in Castelia City does not go anywhere and serves no purpose in the game.

Where is prime pier in Pokemon black?

castelia cty

How do you get to the prime pier in Pokemon Black and White?

In castelia city go near Pokemon center and along path u see signs. Read these to find prime pier

How do you get to prime pier in Pokemon black?

When walking around the front of Castelia city one of the piers will be straight on your screen. That one is Prime Pier.

Where do team plasma go when you get to the prime pier on Pokemon black?

they go to thebuilding near the gym

Can you get to liberity pier on Pokemon black?

With the damned liberty ticket event. Go to the leftmost pier. The guy next to the blue boat will take you. I think.

What does a pier mean for science?

A pier is a waterfront structure from which you can fish, or to which you can moor a boat.

What is a name for a boat dock?


Moving a pier in cityville again?

you can move a pier or export port if u don't have any boat in your pier thx

How do you use pier in a sentence?

I am working on a pier. The boat is tied to the pier. Yes, the pier is new.

Which boat do you go on to get victini?

The boat that you need to go on in Pokémon Black or White in order to go to Liberty Island in order to attempt to catch Victini is by the pier that is the closest to the Gym street.

Can a homeowners association force you to insure a pier or boat slip that you don't own?

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