What is the best sword in fate?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The best NORMAL sword is Greatsword, The best Legendary sword is obviously a Legendary Greatsword, The Best Sword artifact is The Vanguard (something about that name tickles my memory or maybe it was the burrito I had five minutes ago) and the best Legendary artifact is Legendary The Vanguard ( I Know it`s an bad name it`s supposed to be called The legendary Vanguard but it`s called Legendary The Vanguard don`t look at me it`s not a joke. Don`t belive me? then your loss.)

The Best sword in the game (specifically) Is a Legendary Greatsword with alot of strong enchantments, no or little curses, and has 3 sockets with Superior bloodstones in it and make sure it has holy damage,Fire damage, Ice damage and electric damage if you have made the enchantments above to your sword then you will have a sword that's stronger then Legendary the vanguard if you need more info post on my message board.

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Q: What is the best sword in fate?
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The best gear in fate is the Legendary Elphame armor. The best weapon for the online game is the Legendary Elphame sword.

Best weapon in fate?

Legendary terminal calculation for spear or legendary the vanguard for sword

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legendary elphame sword and everything else elphame Do control+shift+` at the same time and type spawn item name

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