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King Atillart Sword

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Q: What is the best Great sword in MHFU?
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What is the best weapon to kill a garuga in mhfu?

Use a great sword

What is the best hammer in MHFU?

ukanlos trampler

What is the best weapon in Monster Hunters 3?

The best weapon to use in attacking is a long sword,switch axe,and great sword. The good weapon to use in defending is a lance. The good weapon in speed is the sword and shield. It matters if your good at a long sword,switch axe, and great sword, lance,sword and shield. If you feel good when using a long sword then it means that it is power full.

Monster hunter what is the best great sword?

shadow blaze "dusk"

How do you get mhfu for the psvita?

buy it!

Can you go underwater on monster hunter freedom unite?

sadly but PSP MHFU has none of that. I think Wii MHFU has that though

What drops mystery bone in mhfu?


How do you get a pet pig in MHFU?

not sure mate!!

What is the best sword in fable1?

the best sword in fable 1 is the sword of aeons but if you are being good then it's a master sword

When was The Best of Sword created?

The Best of Sword was created in 2006.

What is the best sword in Zelda the twilight princes?

Seeing as the ordon sword and master sword are the only two you get, the master sword is the best one.

Can the old lady sell ancient fish on mhfu?