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You can catch any legendary Pokemon with an ultra ball as long as you get their hp down and you have to have a lot of them. Try to put it to sleep or paralyze it to make the catch easier.

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Q: What is the best pokeball to catch Moltres in soulsilver if you don't have a master ball?
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What pokeball should you catch moltres in?

a ultraball or a master ball

How do you catch the tree in Pokemon SoulSilver?

With a pokeball

What pokeball do you use to catch moltres?

Any pokeball will work but an ultra ball is probably best.

With what pokeball do you catch moltres on Pokemon platnium?

Any Pokeball works. A master ball would be the best though. Just take a look at the special abilities of the pokeballs you have (unless it is a normal pokeball) and then choose which one would be a good one to use. . backward sentence

What pokeball to use to catch hoho?

master ball.

Where do you catch moltres in soulsilver?

after you beat blue,go to mt silver,waterfall side,keep going and you'll meet moltres.

Where do you catch moltrace in SoulSilver?

You catch **Moltres** at Mt. Silver, after you've obtained all 16 gym badges.

What is the best pokeball to catch Mesprit with in diamond version?

A Master Ball

How do you catch moltres in soul silver?

you can catch moltres in soulsilver or heartgold by defeating red, then go deep to the mountain silver, go to left, use surf, then go on, until you find that bird

What pokeball do you use to catch Mewtwo in soulsilver?

Ultra balls are to be used for any legendary that does not roam PERIOD.

Were do you catch moltrs on Pokemon heart gold and soulsilver?

You can find Moltres in a little cavern in Mt. Silver.

How do you catch Pokemon easier you SoulSilver?

when the pokeball does the third roll thing say "gotcha" into the mic. or... Paraylism or Sleep will make the catch easier!