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hell blaze, inferno, heat wave, hell demon, the lamest one is microwave i ensist NOT to use the name microwave.

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Q: What is the best nickname for magmar Pokemon?
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What is the best way to find magmar on Pokemon?

trade with a freind

Is there a magmar on Pokemon FireRed?

No only leafgreen can get magmar.

Magmar Pokemon FireRed?

Magmar can only be caught in Pokemon LeafGreen, therefore, you have to trade.

Can you find magmar in Pokemon FireRed?

Magmar is a Pokemon exclusive to leafgreen so no you can't get it.

What is magmarizer in Pokemon SoulSilver?

when it is held by magmar, and then magmar is traded, magmar will evolve into magmortar

What happens when you bread a magmar and a ditto in Pokemon WHITE?

You will have a Magmar.

Where to get a magmar on Pokemon emerald?

Magmar can be only obtained in leafgreen or Pokemon xd gale of darkness.

How do you evolve magmar in Pokemon black?

give your magmar a magmirizer and trade with it to get the evolve form of magmar.

Where do you find Magmar in Pokemon FireRed?

The only way to obtain Magmar in Pokemon FireRed is to trade it from LeafGreen.

When does magmar evolve in Pokemon diamond?

magmar evolve if you trade with a magmarizer

Which Pokemon loves the magmarizer in Pokemon Platinum?

Magmar is the one that loves the Magmarizer because it's capable of allowing Magmar to evolve into Magmortar once you have given it to Magmar and then you have to trade it in order to evolve it.

How do you get a magmar in FireRed?

You can't get magmar in firered only leafgreen can get magmar also there's a shadow magmar in Pokemon xd gale of darkness.