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Q: What is the best move that Mewtwo learns?
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What attacks can the Pokemon Mewtwo learn at level 100?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Mewtwo learns the move Aura Sphere. However, in the other games Mewtwo learns all it's moves before it reaches level 100.

What is Mewtwo's moveset?

A move set is made up of the four moves you choose for your pokemon. For Mewtwo, this may take quite a bit of work. When I say it might, I mean it might.Black and White: Mewtwo learns some really good moves in Pokemon Black and White Version, but it takes forever to level him up to get his REALLY good moves. At level 64 he learns Psychic, but you can also make him learn it by TM. At level 93 he learns a REALLY good move called Aura Sphere. Aura Sphere never misses, except for when the opponent is using fly, dig, bounce, detect or protect. It is a great Fighting Type move for Mewtwo. Another great move for Mewtwo to know is also a Fighting Type move called Focus Blast. He can learn Focus Blast by TM. The last move is a move he learns at level 100 called Psystrike. It is a Psychic Type move that will help your Mewtwo to destroy the competition.For more information go to,

What is the best pokemon to catch mewtwo with?

The best way would be to catch Mewtwo with a MasterBall. However, you can also catch it with Ultra Balls, but that will cost you a lot of them. Mewtwo is a psychic pokémon, so it's weak (2x) against bug, dark and ghost types. It's highly recommended to breed a Rattata so it learns the move Endeavor. After Mewtwo has 1 hp left, due to this attack you can put it to sleep, freeze it or paralyze it.

How can you get mew in SoulSilver?

You can't,but you can get mewtwo!

What level does Mewtwo learn aura sphere in Pokemon black?

Mewtwo learns Aura Sphere at level 93.

Does breeding mew and Mewtwo to get mewthree really work?

first of all you need to get your mewtwo to level 99 then give him the griseous orb that giratina has and then he evovles and learns a special move called spirit bomb that move has 150 power and 100 accuracy its really good (this is only for Pokemon platinum)

What Pokemon is the best at Pokemon LeafGreen?

I wreckon Mewtwo is the best Pokemon to get Leaf Green. You can get after you bring the ruby and sapphire to Celio on Island 1. It is Lv 70 and it is in Cerulean Cave. I got a Mewtwo with around 326 special attack. Mewtwo also has the best recovery move in the game.

What is the best move victini learns in Pokemon white?

Searing Shot I think

What is the last move scolipede learns?

The last move Scolipede learns is double-edge, which it learns at level 55.

What is the last move Charizard learns in leaf green?

Charizard learns a rather disappointing move called Fire Spin as its last move. It learns this move at level 64

What is Mewtwo's weakness?

Mewtwo is weak against any bug type move, any dark type move and any ghost type move.

What is theBest cool move for Dialga steel and dragon?

the best move is Draco meteor. dialga learns this as he levels up.