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In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Mewtwo learns the move Aura Sphere. However, in the other games Mewtwo learns all it's moves before it reaches level 100.

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Q: What attacks can the Pokemon Mewtwo learn at level 100?
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What level does Mewtwo learn psybeam in Pokemon firered?

Mewtwo doesn't learn Psybeam.

What level does Mewtwo learn aura sphere in Pokemon black?

Mewtwo learns Aura Sphere at level 93.

What level does Mewtwo learn Psychic?

By batteling them against ghost type Pokemon

What level does a Pokemon learn close combat in Pokemon Diamond?

It depends what Pokemon it is, all the Pokemon that learn Close Combat learn it at different levels. From:IpingRoblox: i may help from another kind of answer: Pokemon have elements like for example: water, fire , grass, normal, etc. when you catch one it starts i think with a low level like level 1. try using the Pokemon and battling with it with other opponents. your Pokemon level up when you see a level up sign. the battle basic is for basic attacks. for special attacks is the good attacks. when you get to a certain level, your Pokemon envolves. then you will now have a higher level and stronger attacks for normal attacks and crazy ones for the special attacks.

Who is the strongest pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

It's mewtwo I have one he/her never dies but you have to level him up to your highest level to be the best I have a level 97 Pokemon that's way stronger than mewtwo he's level 80. It depends on level. If you are talking about lv100 it is mew as mew can learn any attack

What attacks does Persian learn in Pokemon soul silver version?

depends on what level he is

What level do you find Mewtwo at on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Mewtwo is at level 70 when you find it on leaf green.

When does Mewtwo learn psystrike?

At level 100

What level is Mewtwo on in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You find him at level 70.

What level are the Pokemon in the cerulean cave in Pokemon firered?

all i know is Mewtwo is level 70

What level do you catch Mewtwo at?

Mewtwo is at Level 70 when you battle him. You should most likely use you highest level Pokemon that is around level 70.

Where can you catch a lvl 99 Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

The highest level Pokemon you can catch is a level 70 Mewtwo.