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The godswords hit very high and each have a very powerful and useful special attack. However, keep in mind they are is two handed, and is very slow. on the other hand, the abyssal whip, hits twice as fast while also hitting considerably high. that basically means that about every five seconds, the whip can hit two considerably high hits while the godsword gets only one. that makes whip a much better option. Now about the ancient warrior weps and armour(vesta,statius,zuriel,etc.). they are not the best weapons, because you can't really count on them. The brothers' armours and weapons are also very strong, each with a unique ability. even though it degrades, it lasts around 15 hours IN COMBAT. So it can be reliable. it also tells you how much longer it can degrade so, you'll know how long you can use it. Some people use those strong weapons. so to decide between abyssal whip or barrows weps, depends. If you like the special, and you have enough money for the set, go for it. if you don't, just settle on with dragon or barrows armour with abyssal whip. keep in mind the whip also has a special attack useful for many situations.

best weapon=abyssal whip or barrows weapons.


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If you are looking for the highest hitting weapon it is the "anchor" or "vesta Longsword". the strongest weapon is a primal 2 handed or chaotic maul


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If you want the best DPS, you must get Chaotic weapons from dungeoneering rewards. Those weapons degrade after 10 hours. If you would like fast, high DPS weapons that DO-NOT degrade, I would recommend the dragon claws as the special attack is extremely powerful, potentially higher than an Armadyl Godsword's special attack.

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Q: What is the best member weapon on RuneScape?
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What is the best 1 handed members weapon on runescape?

An Abyssal Whip, this weapon requires 70 Attack to wield, but this being the best one-handed weapon in Runescape also comes at a moderately-high price inside the Grand Exchange, especially to a new member.

Runescape what is the best 1handed non-member weapon?

A Rune Scimitar, mainly because of speed and attack damage rates.

What is the best spec weapon in runescape for members?

Dragon claws

What is the best ranger weapon f2p in runescape?

Gravite shortbow.

What is the best non-members weapon on Runescape?

In my opinion the best is a rune scimatar

What is the best sword on RuneScape?

vestas sword, but the best weapon is chaotic maul.

What is the best f2p rune weapon on runescape?

The overall best f2p Runescape weapon is actually a range weapon - Maple Longbow (sighted). It has a range bonus of over 100. The best f2p degradeable weapon is the Gravite 2h. Both are Dungeonneering weapons and need 45 Dungeonneering levels.

What is the best weapon in RuneScape and how do you get it?

the best weapon in RuneScape seems to be the Chaotic Maul, having an enormous max of 686(68) recorded. You can get the Chaotic Maul by obtaining 200,000 points in the Dungeoneering skill.

What is best for a level 38 member on runescape to train attack strength and defence?

The scimitar is a good all round weapon. For your level a mithril one will probably suffice.

Whats the best weapon to get on runescape?

I think the Godsword is the best weapon you could get. Each Godsword has diffrent high hits but all of them are good.

In RuneScape where can you buy a blackjack?

Sadly no. But if you are a member (p2p or pay to played) Has a similar weapon at Runescape called a ogre club. Membership for Runescape is $5.95 per month I hope this answered your question.

What is the best thing about being a member on runescape?