What is the best Pokemon in battle?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is the best Pokemon in battle?
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What Pokemon is best to battle lance in Pokemon LeafGreen?


What is the best team for the battle subway Pokemon white?

In my opinion, there is not a "best team". Take your most powerful Pokemon of major types, and battle with those.

Why cant anyone beat you in a Pokemon battle?

because i have never been beaten in a Pokemon battle except for the battle frontier. because i am the best

Is Pokemon advance battle the best Pokemon theme song?

Yes it is and its season was also the best in Hoenn

What is the best way to battle on Pokemon?

you use diffrent types of Pokemon to get a advantge

Who is the Best Pokemon trainer in the world on pearl and when can I battle them?


What is the best Pokemon to beat trainers in battle park?


On Pokemon Battle Revolution i copied my Pokemon off Pokemon platinum but now i cant copy Pokemon from Pokemon diamond can you help me?

u cant use to Pokemon games on 1 battle revolution save its 1 or the other its best to see wich 1 has the best Pokemon because u will win more

Where is the best place to train up Pokemon?

battle the elite four

What is the best battle frontier Pokemon team in Pokemon emerald?

I'd say machamp latios metagross

Where is the best place to train your pokemon in pokemon black?

it depends what level they are. if its not strong enough to battle, give it exp share and go to the league to battle with a stronger pokemon. or if its level is 30 - 40, battle at route 7 where it looks like this

What is the best Pokemon to beat the pokemonleage in Pokemon sapphire?

There isn't really a correct answer to this. It depends on how the trainer likes to battle.