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I'd say .40 cents

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Q: What is the average price for one Yu-Gi-Oh card?
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Where can one purchase Yu-Gi-Oh Card sleeves?

One can purchase YuGiOh card sleeves from a local convenience store. One can also purchase YuGiOh card sleeves from online retailers like eBay or Amazon.

How much would be for one god card Yugioh?

normally around $20

Can I replace the name on a Yugioh card because the card's name was a false one?

If you want, but that's completely pointless because you can buy the card.

How do you change the forbidden card list in yugioh tagforce 3?

download a new one

How do you print a card from Yu-Gi-Oh card maker?

First you make a yugioh card on the yugioh maker. Then you highlight the card. you then right click on the yugioh card and one of the options is to save as and you push that. then you type in what you want to call it. then go to your file and find the name that you called it. then you push the name two times then a picture comes up of your card. you highlight that then right click it and a option is to is to print picture and you push that

How much is radiant mirror force the yugioh card worth worth?

one million dollars

How rare is a first edition blue eyes white dragon?

Basically it is somewhat rare but if you were to sell it ,the most definite price would only about 2 dollars cause it is just one yugioh card.

What card pack does colossal fighter come in?

Yugioh 5D's Starter Deck, the one with Junk Warrior.

What is the rareist Yugioh card?

Tyler the great warrior there is only one in the world

In Yugioh tag force 4 What card pack contains the most elemental hearos?

1st one

What is the price of Claires gift card?

the price changes because it is a gift card and is not one set price

Where can one find Brain Control online?

Brain Control refers to multiple pages online. If you are looking for the Yugioh trading card, than that can be located one the Yugioh Wikia. Also, the game Brain Control can be found on their website.