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You can't ever just discard cards for no reason, you can only do so if instructed to by a card effect or a game rule, such as the one that lets you replace one Field Spell Card with another.

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Q: Can you randomly discard spell or trap cards from the field if you want YuGiOh?
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How many field cards are allowed in a yugioh deck?

there is no limit

Can you choose to discard cards from the field or your hand in Yu-Gi-Oh?

You cannot simply choose to discard a card from hand, voluntarily, or send cards from the field. You can only do so when allowed to do so for a cost, or instructed to by an effect or game mechanic.

How many Yugioh cards are you allowed to place on the field?

You are only allowed 11 cards as a maximum on a field, you have five monster card slots, five spell/trap slots, and a Field Spell Card slot.

Yugioh 1 if you have dimension fortress weapon face up on the field can anyone play cards like lightsworn?


During the end phase when you discard your hand size down to 6 cards then activate super rejuvenation from hand or field will SJ's effect apply to the cards discarded for hand limit?

You cannot end the turn with more than 6 cards in hand, so if you do your usual end of turn discard, and somehow you end up with more cards in hand (such as through Super Rejuvenation) then you will still have to discard down to 6 again.

Yugioh- Do you get dupe frog's effect if you discard it to special summon swap frog?

No. Dupe Frog triggers only when send from the Field to the graveyard. Also it is an Optional Trigger and would miss the timing anyway.

What is yu gi oh gx?

go and put some cards on the field and play u bludey idiot

CAn you discard card from field?

A 'discard' is a type of send, and the card is sent from your hand.

Good cards on Yugioh world championship 2007 Like Jinzo?

The only card in Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 that has a similar effect to Jinzo is Royal Decree.Royal DecreeTRAP/ContinuousNegate the effects of all other Trap Cards on the field.

Why Egyptian god cards and blue eyes white dragon are not allowed at duel academy in Yugioh gx?

Egyptian god cards and blue eyes white dragon are not allowed at duel academy in yugioh gx, because students could win easliy by using powerful cards. It is against the rules at duel academy, because the teachers can tell that those powerful cards can be use for cheating. if the student use a blue eyes white dragon or obelisk the tormentor on the duel field, it is very likely that the student will be expelled from duel academy.

Is there a yugioh card that will let you play more than 5 spell or trap cards?

No, there isn't. Unless you count a Field Spell Card, which is a spell card but has its own zone, so technically you can have 6 spells active.

Can you tribute a card from your hand by a card effect in Yugioh?

You can, only if something specifically says you can. Tribute for most Ritual Spell Cards can come from hand. But if the card doesn't specify, the tribute must come from your side of the field.