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Q: What is the action replay code to get all key items in Pokemon heart gold?
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How do you multiply items in Pokemon?

Get action replay.

Duplicate items in pokemon?

You can't duplicate items in Pokemon. Only if you have the Action Replay or GameShark, then you can.

All items on Pokemon Pearl?

action replay disk

What are some Action Replay questions for Emerald Version of Pokemon?

Some common questions for Action Replay are: Where can I buy an Action Replay? How do I use an Action replay? What items and Pokemon can I get off of an Action Replay? Should I use and Action Replay or a Gameshark? Is it easy to use an Action Replay? Do I have to enter in long codes for an Action Replay to give me what I want like I have to on a Codebreaker?

Is There an action replay code for all items on Pokemon explores of darkness?


Items x995 in Pokemon Diamond?

Action Replay. That is the only way that I know of.

Where to get all the pates on Pokemon diamond?

get an action replay and get the all items cheat for it.

Is there a short Action Replay code for Pokemon Diamond to get all items in your bag?


How do you get escape ropes on Pokemon diamond with action replay?

activate all items

What is the action replay cheat for any Pokemon?

A cheat which helps people get pokemon, money, and items for free.

What is the code for Pokemon heart gold get all items?

it is already updated in the action replay. in BAG CODES, just check off each of the codes. this code does not give you all key items.

Is there a way you can download event items on Pokemon diamond if you missed the event?

you have to get an action replay.