What is the Wii fps?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some games on the Wii run at 60fps while others at 30fps

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Q: What is the Wii fps?
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Will fps freek work with wii classic conttroller pro?

i don't think so.

What wii fps world war 2 games are there?

medal of honor vanguard and medal of honor heros 2

What are the best wii fps?

Although the Wii is often considered to have a limited library of solid FPS games, there exist several fantastic gems.Generally, the best FPS games are considered to be (in no particular order):The Metroid Prime TrilogyMedal of Honor: Heroes 2Call of Duty: World at WarCall of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: Reflex EditionThe ConduitHouse of The Dead: OverkillCall of Duty: Black OpsGoldeneye 007

Are there any wii fps with online split screen?

yes there is one for 2 players online versus (no co-op) called overturn meca wars, purchased from wii shop channel.

What is the fps of a alpha black m16?

5675765765576576 fps or 66687768867jghhj fps

What is the fps for the 760 pumpmaster?

600 FPS - Pellet 625 FPS - BB

What is your refresh rate on smartphone?

120 fps 90 fps 60 fps

What are the strength of wii video games?

The strengths of Wii games are that you don't have to button bash, you can keep fit and the Wii is the most small and movable of all the other consolesSecond ResponseAlso there's the point-and-click feature that changes the way many games are playing, and the same for motion control. That's why Nintendo is opening up more to FPS Shooters, because they have so much potential on the Wii console

How many fps in the air soft p9 stinger?

275 fps

What is the FPS for the Crosman AIR-17?

450 FPS BB 400 FPS Pellets

What is the fps of a real gun?

FPS is the measurement of speed in feet per second. Depending on what kind of bullet you are talking about, bullets can travel as fast as 4400 fps. Here are a few examples: 9mm-about 1050 fps. .45ACP-about 900 fps. 5.56mm-about 2700-3300 fps. .50bmg-about 2900 fps.

Full form of fps bricks?