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Sometimes it's hard to know,

Which way you're supposed to go,

But deep inside you know you're strong,

If you follow your heart you can't be wrong,

Stand Up!

(Stand Up!)

For what is right!

Be Brave!

Get ready to fight!

Hold On!

(Hold On!)

We're friends for life!

And if we come, together as one,

Complete the quests that we've begun,

We will win the battle!

Galactic Battles! Pokémon!

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Q: What is the Pokemon theme song lyrics for Pokemon galactic battles?
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What is the Pokemon DP galactic battles theme song called?

rockin legends

What are Pokemon dp galactic battles theme lyrics?

The lyrics are- Sometimes its hard to know, Which way you're supposed to go, but deep inside, you know your strong, if you follow your heart you cant go wrong Stand up! for what is right, Be brave! get ready to fight, Hold on! we're friends for life, and if we come, together as one, complete the quest that we've begun, we will win the battle, Galectic battles, Pokemon

Is the greatest everyday for Pokemon the next season after galactic battles?

AnswerThe new Pokemon theme song "The Greatest Everyday" does not seem to herald a new series of Pokemon. It is simply the third opening song of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series.

Who sings Pokemon galactic battle theme song?

Erin Bowman

Where can you get the Pokemon theme?

If u wanna listen to it you can go to youtube and search Pokemon theme and find the season theme you would like to hear. If you would like to listen to the lyrics you can search on Google "Pokemon theme song lyrics"

What are all good team galactic Pokemon out of 493 Pokemon?

I think two of the best Team Galactic Pokemon are Cyrus's Honchkrow and Crobat. Go ahead and judge me. Thank you. But what I was hoping for were some non-sinnoh Pokemon that fitted into team galactic's theme. Oh well.. that was still a good answer though... thank you.

What is the name of Pokemon Sinnoh theme song?

First Sinnoh theme: Diamond and Pearl Second Sinnoh theme: DP Galactic Battle Third Sinnoh theme: DP Battle Dimension Last Sinnoh theme: DP Sinnoh League Victors

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Why did the Pokemon galactic battles theme change in the middle of the season?

Pokémon Company International and its dubbing production company DuArt Films ended up changing the opening scenes of the opening credits during the middle of "Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles" due to the fact that the original scenes that were used in the first sequence were from earlier episodes whereas the scenes that they ended up using in the newer opening are from the HD broadcasts of the episodes and that is why they ended up changing the opening theme's opening credits scenes so that the scenes in the opening would end up matching with the episodes when they started broadcasting the episodes in HD.

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