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if you mean the old pokemon song when ash was in the kanto it wasn't but it is on the new seris

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Q: Is the Pokemon theme song copyrighted?
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Who sang Pokemon theme song?

Bill Crawford sang the movie version of the Pokemon theme song. Jason Paige sang the television version of the Pokemon theme song.

What is the theme song to the Pokemon cartoon?

Pokemon is a very musical show, featuring 16 theme songs. The first theme song, "Aim to be a Pokemon Master " was used for the first 83 episodes. "Lets Join Hands" is the current theme song for the show.

How do you play the Pokemon theme song?

find out on

Did dragonforce write the Pokemon theme song?

definitely not

What is the first song in Naruto Fanflash 5?

the song is the first Pokemon theme

Can you buy The Pokemon theme song We Will Be Heroes on iTunes?

No, not yet that is...

Singer of first Pokemon theme song?

Jason Paige

Who sings Pokemon theme song?

Billy Joe Crawford

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Where can you get the Pokemon theme?

If u wanna listen to it you can go to youtube and search Pokemon theme and find the season theme you would like to hear. If you would like to listen to the lyrics you can search on Google "Pokemon theme song lyrics"

Can someone give you a link for a download for the Pokemon theme song?