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to catch a spiritomb

Notice: all the Pokemon in your party have to be at least a lv.70

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Q: What is the Hallowed tower for on Pokemon Pearl?
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How do you get sreanth on Pokemon pearl?

hallowed tower top floor

In Pokemon Pearl how do you get the HM sreanth?

hallowed tower top floor

Where is the hallowed tower on Pokemon pearl?

It's located at route 209

Where is the spirit tower in Pokemon Pearl?

There are two towers in Pokemon Pearl that involve spirits. The tower where you find mostly Ghost-type Pokemon is called Lost Tower and can be found in Route 209, south of Solaceon Town. The other tower that involves spirits is Hallowed Tower, which is found in Route 209 south of the Lost Tower. Hallowed Tower is part of a multiplayer-based side-quest that causes a Spiritomb to spawn.

How do you catch spirirtomb?

Spirirtomb is a ghost type of Pokemon. In order to capture one in Pokemon Pearl version, you have to go to the Hallowed Tower.

Where is the Haunted Well on Pokemon Pearl?

If correct, its called the "Hallowed Tower", which is in Route 209 (which is south of Solaceon Town)

How do you catch Spirtomb in Pokemon Pearl?

First, insert the Odd Keystone that you got from a karate man into the tower that is broken (Hallowed Tower) south of Solaceon Town and talk to 32 people underground, after that go back to Hallowed Tower and press A. Spiritomb will be there.

Hallowed tower in Pokemon diamond?

The Hallowed tower is located on route 209 of the Sinnoh region. The player can get Spirit Tomb if the use the old keystone at the Hallowed tower.

Where can you find the hallowed tower on Pokemon pearl ds?

it is 67 steps after u enter route 209. pass all the people and water then u will see the hallowed tower on a little patch of sand next to 2 small rock

Where do you find the move push the big bolders aside in Pokemon pearl?

Assuming u mean strength? Top floor in the hallowed tower

How do you get spiritbomb in Pokemon pearl?

After you put an Odd Keystone into the Hallowed Tower, talk to 32 people underground (must be players). Then talk to the tower to encounter a level 25 spiritomb.

What can you do in the hallowed tower pokomeon pearl?

get the hm strengh and battle people.......