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if you look at your map, you will find hallowed tower to the right of hearthome city, on route 208. keep walking to the very right and the pile of stones is the hallowed tower once you insert the odd keystone

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Q: Where is the hallowed tower in Pokemon diamond?
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Hallowed tower in Pokemon diamond?

The Hallowed tower is located on route 209 of the Sinnoh region. The player can get Spirit Tomb if the use the old keystone at the Hallowed tower.

Where is hallowed tower in Pokemon diamond?

Go to Solaceon Town. Then go down. You will see a big tower. It is hallowed tower. Or it is the little tower just next the other tower. It's from stone.

How do you catch Spiritomb in Pokemon Diamond?

You get the odd keystone from a karate guy on route 208, put it in the hallowed tower which is by the Pokemon tower right before you get to Solaceon town, talk to 32 people underground, then go to the hallowed tower and it will be there.

Where do you find spirit tomb in Pokemon diamond?

You can find Spirtomb in the Hallowed Tower on route 209.

How do you get a Spiritomb from Pokemon diamond?

Insert the Odd Keystone you got from a karate man into the broken tower (Hallowed Tower) and talk to 32 people underground. Go back and press A on the Hallowed Tower, Spiritomb will be there.

How can you get a Spiritomb in Pokemon diamond?

You can get a Spiritomb after you insert the Odd Keystone into the broken tower (Hallowed Tower) and talked to 32 people underground.

How do you get the hm strength in Pokemon diamond DS?

On the route to Socealean town , where you find the hallowed tower, there is a tower that is the burial sight for pokemon. On the top level are two ladies. One of them will give you strength. =]

How do you get spiratomb in Pokemon diamond?

After you place odd keystone in broken stone tower, making it Hallowed Tower, greet 32 people in the underground. Afterward touch it and press A.

Where can you find Spiritomb in pokemon diamond?

You can find Spiritomb at Hallowed Tower Requires Odd Keystone and talking to 32 People total in Sinnoh Underground.

How do you get sreanth on Pokemon pearl?

hallowed tower top floor

Where is the hollowed tomer on Pokemon diamond?

The Hallowed Tower (sometimes wrongly spelled as hollowed tomer) is a location in Pokémon Diamond where you can fight Spiritomb. You can find it south of Solacean Town.

In Pokemon Pearl how do you get the HM sreanth?

hallowed tower top floor