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"Bloods" were RP packs that were well-known for their usual inappropriate behavior (often mate-related content that violates the multiplayer rules for WolfQuest, specified in the related links / sources).

There's nothing more to them aside from being pelt-colour specific games with rude players. If you see any blood packs, it's advised that you report any behavior that doesn't comply with the multiplayer rules.

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Q: What is the Black Bloods website on WolfQuest?
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Is there a pack on wolfquest called Blue Bloods?

Blizzard Wind (CodyTheWolf on wolfquest) owns the pack called Blue Bloods. This is the pack website:

What are the bloods on wolfquest?

Black BloodsGold BloodsWhite BloodsForsaken TemptationsCursed BloodsWhite Bloods (poopy pack)Vanished Souls (The best pack in the world!)

Who are the leaders on WolfQuest?

Forsaken Temptations(Cursed Bloods)-DarkNightWhite Bloods- No official leadersBlack Bloods- SteelSilent Bloods- No one

Who are the Black Bloods on Wolfquest?

The black bloods are a banished group of wolves who eventually attack all the wolves at amathyst mountain and causes the burn. The BlackBloods are led by the brave and deadly Wolf (wolfbane102). Not sir steel or darknight.

Who is the real and official leader of black bloods in wolfquest?

Sir Steel, AKA Steel. If I am not mistaken his username will be Sir Steell. He is how you say on wolfquest my partner. Friend my, I am jl08908. Hope I helpedRead more: Who_is_the_real_and_official_black_blood_leader_on_wolfquest_that_is_active_online

Who is the real alpha pair of razor Bloods?

The real Alpha Pair of Razor Bloods on WolfQuest is Alpha Zoltare and Alphess Kaza Stone. The Razor Blood Website is if you want to join their you go

Who is leader of white bloods on wolfquest?

no one knows who is officially the leader of the white bloods whoever is a white blood it could be you

How much is wolfquest?

WolfQuest is absolutely free. You can download it at the WolfQuest website.

When will Wolfquest 2 be out?

Edit:It is already out!!Go to the wolfquest website to GET IT NOW!!!!

How do you download amethyst mountain delux wolfquest?

You can not download previous versions of WolfQuest. But, you can download the latest, WolfQuest 2.5! It can be found on WolfQuest's website(

Who is Sir Steel from Wolfquest?

Sir Steel is the so what called "Official" leader of the Black Bloods.The real leader is Wolvesrock345(Also known as Dark Night).Dark Night has been on WolfQuest longer than Sir Steel.Steel decided to take his idea and make his own pack.Sir Steel is somewhat rude,loves to curse(bad and innapropriate words),and people still think that is very "cool".Steel, is a role player. He did create the Black Bloods about four years ago on Wolf Quest. He then made a Black Bloods site on "Wet Paint" because of many other fake Steels. And, that's where the Black Blood legacy began with Steel. Though, he quit role play for a few months. He is now back, but not playing Wolf Quest. He is not the leader of Black Bloods anymore. The main leader are, Adeodatus and his mate Kloure. Steel is back within Black Bloods, but he's not leader.

Who is the leader of Tear Bloods in WolfQuest?

well the real leader of tear bloods on wolf quest is Sun Tone (kainrox101), people always come in to the tear blood chat and says it's a user named Wild Runner but he's the leader of Blood Tears!!! Tear Bloods and Blood Tears are two different bloods with two different leader so don't get confused!!!!!!! The Delta of Tear Bloods is Tundras Soul, sister of the leader Kainrox101 and black blood Dark Rose