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Yeah,here 94000130 C200D53B B21C3001 BCFFFFF CCCCCCFF FFFFFFF D2000000 000000 lie lie lie do not waste your time hes not telling the truth

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Q: What is the AR code to get the National Dex in Diamond?
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What is the ar code to complete the national dex in platnium?

I don't think there is...

What is the AR code to unlock but not complete the national dex in Pokemon pearl?


Is there an ar code to complete the national dex for platinum?

94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 20001657 00000001 D2000000 00000000 that's for the national dex

What happens if you have AR and code for national dex how do you make it work?

Press L + R + Select

Can you catch groundon in Pokemon diamond and use a ar code?

You can use an action replay code, the Pokemon modifier. All you do is on the calculator poketch app, you put in the national dex number. You can find the code by searching it up on Google.

What is the Pokemon Purge diamond?

he does not exist though i put on complete poke dex code from a ar and he is not in it people just lie about him and that's the truth

You have completed the national pokedex but none of the Pokemon are in your box on Pokemon diamond?

Well the cause of this is you problably used an AR to obtain national dex complete.It says you have them but you dont actually have them.

Is there a Pokemon pearl ar code for complete Sinnoh dex?

Yes There Is.

How do you get AR for Pokemon Diamond?

you have to get a code.

Is there an ar code on diamond for Mario?


Ar code for completeing Sinnoh dex in platinum?

I don't know if there is a code. But you can complete de Dex by seeing all Pokemon in platinum. All Sinnoh-dex Pokemon can be found ingame.?

What is the ar code for regirock on diamond?

Nothing code There has to be a code you idiot.