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Hello cheating friend. Here is the code to give you 999 of all TMs & HMs! Press L and R.

94000130 FCFF0000 B2110DC0 00000000 E0000074 00000010 0153013A 01540153 FFFF015D 00000000 00000088 00000000 E00009B0 00000190 03E70148 03E70149 03E7014A 03E7014B 03E7014C 03E7014D 03E7014E 03E7014F 03E70150 03E70151 03E70152 03E70153 03E70154 03E70155 03E70156 03E70157 03E70158 03E70159 03E7015A 03E7015B 03E7015C 03E7015D 03E7015E 03E7015F 03E70160 03E70161 03E70162 03E70163 03E70164 03E70165 03E70166 03E70167 03E70168 03E70169 03E7016A 03E7016B 03E7016C 03E7016D 03E7016E 03E7016F 03E70170 03E70171 03E70172 03E70173 03E70174 03E70175 03E70176 03E70177 03E70178 03E70179 03E7017A 03E7017B 03E7017C 03E7017D 03E7017E 03E7017F 03E70180 03E70181 03E70182 03E70183 03E70184 03E70185 03E70186 03E70187 03E70188 03E70189 03E7018A 03E7018B 03E7018C 03E7018D 03E7018E 03E7018F 03E70190 03E70191 03E70192 03E70193 03E70194 03E70195 03E70196 03E70197 03E70198 03E70199 03E7019A 03E7019B 03E7019C 03E7019D 03E7019E 03E7019F 03E701A0 03E701A1 03E701A2 03E701A3 03E701A4 03E701A5 03E701A6 03E701A7 03E701A8 03E701A9 03E701AA 03E701AB D2000000 00000000

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Q: What is the AR code for all TMHMs for Pokemon heartgold?
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Is there a code for all the Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold?

Nope problaly not!

What code gets all legendary Pokemon with action replay dsi on Pokemon heart gold?

There isn't currently a code for all of the legendary pokemon, but they each have individual codes in Heartgold DSi Action Reply. check out this guy's channel on YouTube. He has most of the legendary pokemon DSi Action Replay Code for Heartgold. ☺ :)

Can Pokemon HeartGold communicate with Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon HeartGold can communicate with all the DS Pokemon games. :c)

What is the action replay code that allows you to get all TM and HMS for Pokemon heartgold?

The code is: 1356475a 89065865 00000000 00000078 90765937 98765000

Where is all the legendary Pokemon on HeartGold?

I put a link to a guide all about legendary pokemon in HeartGold in the related links.

How do you get all the Pokemon in heartgold?

You catch them all....

Does HeartGold include all Pokemon?


How do you get all three starters in HeartGold?

You can only get one. If you use the action replay, though, then you can either use the wild modifier code or catch trainer Pokemon code to get all three of them.

How do you complete the national dex on Pokemon heartgold?

you get all the Pokemon

What is the Action Replay code for all seals in Pokemon HeartGold?

94000130 ffbb000062111880 00000000b2111880 00000000c0000000 0000001300004e30 63636363dc000000 00000004d2000000 00000000

Can you get all 493 Pokemon in HeartGold?


Can you get all legandaries in Pokemon HeartGold?

No, you can't get all of the Legendaries in Pokémon HeartGold although you could trade all of the Legendaries in.