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I put a link to a guide all about legendary pokemon in HeartGold in the related links.

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Q: Where is all the legendary Pokemon on HeartGold?
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How do you get all the legendary Pokemon in heartgold?

migrate and trade

What is the best legendary Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

there are many legendary Pokemon in Pokemon heartgold, but the best is HO-OH

What legendary water type Pokemon can you get in Pokemon HeartGold?

In HeartGold you can catch Kyogre.

When can you catch a legendary Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold?

afther you beat all the johto gym leders.

What legendary Pokemon are at seafoam islands in Pokemon heartgold?


What legendary Pokemon is in mtmoon in Pokemon HeartGold version?


What code gets all legendary Pokemon with action replay dsi on Pokemon heart gold?

There isn't currently a code for all of the legendary pokemon, but they each have individual codes in Heartgold DSi Action Reply. check out this guy's channel on YouTube. He has most of the legendary pokemon DSi Action Replay Code for Heartgold. ☺ :)

Can you refight legendary Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold?

I don't think you can refight any legendary Pokemon except the wandering dogs.

Pokemon HeartGold how do you get Kyogre?

Kyogre is only available for Pokemon: Sapphire on the GBA. Ho-Oh is the legendary pokemon available to you in HeartGold.

How can you get legendary egg in Pokemon HeartGold?

No legendary can lay an egg except for manaphy which gives an egg to phione and you can not get manaphy or phione in heartgold

What is the list of legendary Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?


Is there an action replay cheat to make the starter Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold legendary Pokemon?

yes at heartgold action replay codes