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It will be very unlikely.

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Q: Can the legendary dogs be shiny when they reappear after you beat the elite four in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Is it posable to fight a legendary twice if you killed it the fist time in heart gold?

If you defeat the elite four the legendary Pokemon will reappear

If you fail to catch a legendary once in SoulSilver does it ever reappear?

Yes, if you do knock out a legendary, you can make it reappear by beating the elite four.

How do you catch the legendary pokemon in pokemon black?

You have to defeat the elite four then you can catch the legendary

Does red ever go home in Pokemon HeartGold?

Not really...but,if you beat the elite four(again after battling and beating him) he will return on Mt.Silver.

Where can be a good place to train Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

the elite 4

How do you get reds number in HeartGold?

You cannot get Red's number. Red can only be found upon defeating the elite 4 twice (after they have harder Pokemon). He will disappear once you defeat him. To make him reappear on Mt. Silver, you must defeat the elite 4 once again.

Can you recatch Lugia if your Pokemon faint?

if lugia faints then battle the elite four and he'll reappear

How catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon deluge?

defeat all gyms,elite 4 and champion of that region to catch legendary pokemon

Pokemon HeartGold do you have to beat the elite four to get to kanto?


Can you retry to get a legendary Pokemon that you ko in heartgold?

yes if you KO maybe lets say articuno you KO it and you wanted to catch it you still can just defeat the elite 4 again

How do you re-battle uxie mesprit and azelf?

While it is true that in most of the Pokemon games most of the legendaries do not reappear, in Pokemon Platinum it was introduced that many of that games Legendary Pokemon would in fact regenerate or reappear, even after being defeated. Most of these Pokemon are stated to have the condition to reappear automatically after you beat the elite four and champion and get entered into the hall of fame and will do so until caught*. I'm unsure as to whether this is true for any of the legendaries in Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver *Cited from the Offical Pokemon Platinum Strategy Guide, though not worded exactly as present in there

How do you get moltres in Pokemon HeartGold?

Go to mt.silver after you beat the elite four