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if anyone gets it mail it 2

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Q: What is the 3d analyzer settings for driver parallel lines?
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Can you fly the helicopter in driver parallel lines?


What are the songs in driver parallel lines?

the garage song

Where is long island on driver parallel lines?

It's in manhattan.

What are the release dates for Driver Parallel Lines - 2006 VG?

Driver Parallel Lines - 2006 VG was released on: USA: 4 March 2006 UK: 17 March 2006

Can you get a bus in driver parallel lines?

No,you can drive a bus,but you can go into the bus.

Change view driver parallel lines for wii pLEASE?

i bdfkjhsd

When is driv4r the game coming out?

It's out, and it's called Driver: Parallel Lines.

What is the rating for driver parallel lines?

It is rated T for the wii and M for The ps2.

Is driver parallel lines a two player game?

not on the ps2 but im not sure about xbox

Is driver parallel lines compatible with xbox 360?

Nope, I wish it was but for me at least it did not work.

Where is the Cheat screen on driver parallel lines?

When playing the game, press the minus button. Then press right or left on the D-pad until you see the Settings option. Press A and you'll see "Cheats" as the fourth choice on the list.

Where do you get the tank on driver parallel lines?

Use the code CARSHOW. It'll appear in you garage under "Commercial".