What is t stat?

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It is the abbreviation for a thermostat.

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Q: What is t stat?
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Where is the coolant sensor on 2001 3.1 grandprix?

on t-stat housing or on intake manifoldtop of motor on t-stat housing or on intake manifoldtop of motor

What are some Spanish words that stat with t?

tener tengo

How long is a thermostat warranty?

Check with the store that sold you the T-Stat.

Where is the thermosat on a 93 Ford Aerostar?

Where is the t-stat on my ford 4ltr.

What symptoms means your 2004 Toyota Sienna needs a new thermostat?

Little or no heat from heater/defrost if t-stat is stuck open. Engine overheats if t-stat is stuck closed.

Why does my window unit get too cold and not cycle off?

replace t-stat

What does NBA stat Reb O-T mean?

Rebounds - Offensive and Total

Why does 92 ford 250 van run cold?

t-stat stuck open

Where is the thermostat located on a 1989 Ford Escort?

At the engine end of the top radiator hose, bolted to the engine, under the coil assembly is the t-stat housing held on with three 8mm bolts. The t-stat is under that housing.

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What is wrong when the thermostat to your central heat and air on the inside of your house says eh?

dont know the name brand of T-Stat that would say EH.. but that probably means Electric heat..on all honeywell heat pump T-Stat's it is EM-Heating means Emergency Heating.. its just the heat strip comming on automaticly or manual depending how your T-Stat is wired..

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