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Endurance is the stat that raises health...

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2009-08-24 05:30:04
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Q: What stat increases your helth in dragonfable?
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How do you assign stat points of ash dragonblade in dragonfable?

you cant assign stat points to him as he is not a knight

Can you buy stat points in dragonfable?

Yes, talk to Rolith in Oaklore.

How do you get training points back on dragonfable?

To get training points in Dragonfable, goto Oaklore and talk to Rolith. Click the stat trainer and click the button under train (this will give you back all of your stat points).

How do you get stat points on dragonfable?

For who? If it's for you then just Level up. For your dragon you feed him

How do you get unlimited strength in dragonfable?

you have to train your strenghth stat to the max at the stat trainers in oaklore talk rolith or go to the shop in falcon reach that has the coin on the sighn and train it there

How do you use skill points on dragonfable?

Go to Rolith in Oaklore and click 'Stat Trainer'. Bare in mind you can only train a stat up to your current level. H-P

Is ranger also for rogue for dragonfable with the points at rolith?

If I understand correctly your asking if you can change your stat points at Rolith if you are a Ranger. No matter what armor/class you are wearing you can still changing stat points at Rolith.

What are dragonfable trainers?

Stat trainers are people that train skills you can train 6 skills. Every time you level up you get 3 stat points. Every stat point you use it costs you gold so if your level 10 it costs 50 gold, level 30 150 gold

What is calcium in Pokemon Yellow?

Well in versions later than firered/leafgreen it increases the special attack stat. So I strongly believe it increases the normal special stat in the early games ( blue red yellow etc,)

How do you make your damage big in dragonfable?

To make your damage go up in Dragonfable, there are two choices. First you can either buy an armor that enhances your damage (EX. Kathool Adept) or you can simply train up your strength at the stat trainer (Captain Rolith).

How do you feed Pokemon more poffins when their sheen is full?

you can but you need to use A poffin that increases a different stat. for example: if you use a sour poffin to increase the toughness you need to use a different poffin that increases another stat like beauty or cool. there's your answer. Hope it helps

In dragonfable what does each dragon stat do?

The dragon stats help make your dragon much stronger and help you in battle like, 40+ attack, and 40+ protection, Somthing like that.

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