What is south of sludge street?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Main street is south from sludge street

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Q: What is south of sludge street?
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What is south of sludge street on Moshi Monsters?

Main Street

Where is the abandoned building on moshi monsters?

scroll all the way to the left in sludge street

What street is marketplace on on moshi monsters?

The marketplace is on Sludge Street.

Where is the mall in moshi monsters?

Dee mall iiz on sludge street 2 ur left a bit

Where is sludge street hotel on Moshi Monsters?

Click the map and between the volcano and main street is the sludge street and go to your left using the arrow there you will find a abandoned hotel

Where is dogy deals on moshi monsters?

it is on sludge street

Where is the Diy shop on on Moshi Monsters?

it is on sludge street.

Where is the marketplace on moshie monsters?

sludge street . xxfolkishinkxx

Where can you find a cow on moshi monsters?

in sludge street

Where is Dr.Strangeglove at on moshi monsters?

he is at sludge street and on missions

Where is the undergrond disco on moshi monsters?

it's in sludge street main street the port

Where do you get a duster on moshi monsters?

you get the duster in the DIY shop on the main street or in sludge street.