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You can buy clothes from the Marketplace on Sludge Street,

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Q: How do you get to a place on moshi monsters to buy clothes?
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How do you buy clothes for your moshi monsters?

Go to the shopping centre place on Sludge street

Where can you buy a pom pom on Moshi Monsters?

You can buy the pompom at Market Place! -anna12401 (moshi monsters username)

Where do you buy makeup on Moshi Monsters?

There is no make-up on moshi monsters if there ever is to be they will be in the market place

How you buy clothes on moshi monsters?

u go 2 sludge street and go 2 a shop called market place

Where can you buy clothes for your moshi monsters?

go to sludge street then find the marketplace.

Where is the redbanana in moshi monsters?

You will find clothes and accessories to buy at the Marketplace on Sludge Street.

How do you gets the Santa Claus hat in moshi monsters?

It is in the poppets shop to buy clothes.

Where do you buy clothes on Moshi Monsters?

You can buy clothes in The Marketplace (shops: Diavlo's Duds, Furi Fashions, Katsuma Klothes, Luvli Looks, Poppet's Closet, Zommer's Drop Dead Threads) on Sludge Street in Monstro City on Moshi Monsters.

Who do you wear clothes ob moshi monsters?

buy clothes from marketplace on sludge street then go on your map and get in the dressing room then put the clothes on

Where do you buy the bacon wallpaper in Moshi Monsters?

You can not buy Bacon Wallpaper on Moshi Monsters.

Where are your clothes on moshi monsters?

you buy them and go to your dress up room (located right next to your home) and they are there

How do you get the spell book on Moshi Monsters?

buy the moshi monsters mag