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You will be able to encounter a Happiny in the Trophy Garden behind the Pokemon Mansion on Route 212 between Hearthome and Pastoria City. It will be at Level 16 or 18, thus having a mere 5% chance of encountering.

It is the Pre Evolved form of Chansey, which evolves into it by holding an Oval Stone during the Daytime.


P.S. An Oval Stone can be found on the Second Floor of The Lost Tower on Route 209.

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Q: What is number 96 pokedex in Pokemon platinum and how to find it?
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Where do you find the 80th Pokemon in the pokedex Pokemon platinum?

barboach? look at the bottom

What Pokemon is number 151 on Platinum version regional Pokedex and how do you find it?

It's Manaphy and you can get its Pokedex data from a book at the Pokemon mansion below Hearthome.

How many Pokemon do you need to find to complete the pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

you need to find 210 Pokemon to complete the pokedex

In Pokemon where do you find number 58 in the national pokedex?

IN Pokemon platinum you find this Pokemon on route 201(after you get the national pokedex you put fire red version into your DS)and he will appear.Samething with Pokemon pearl and diamond.

Where to find Pokemon 5 for the pokedex in Pokemon platinum?


What is Pokemon number 023 in platinum pokedex?

Magikarp and to find it use the old rod on water.

Pokemon platinum- find number 139 and 138?

In the Sinnoh Pokedex it is Feebas and Milotic, however, in the National Pokedex it is Omanyte and Omastar.

Wher can you find number 162 in Pokemon platinum?

Number 162 in Sinnoh Pokedex is Lickilicky and you can find it in a trainer's party on Victory Road.

Who on Pokemon platinum is number 096 in the pokedex?

Happiny in the sinnoh pokedex and in the national pokedex number 96 is drowzee

How do you get national pokedex in platinum?

You have to find all of the Pokemon in Sinnoh.

Where do you find Pokemon 99 in Pokemon Platinum?

For the Sinnoh Pokedex it is Clefa ,you can find it in Mt. Coronent

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You must have the National PokeDex to capture Heatran.