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Q: What is mattyb's name on Movie Star Planet?
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What name is zendaya Coleman's name on Movie Star Planet?

she does not have a movie star planet do it emma

What websites are there like Movie Star Planet?

the answer is facebook i love movie star planet that is how i know my name is buddy1645

How do you name your look on Movie Star Planet?

you name it and save it

How do you name a look on Movie Star Planet?


What is Zendaya's account name on Movie Star Planet?


Is matty b on Movie Star Planet?

his name is coolguy@

How do you name a new look on Movie Star Planet?

i need to know

How do you get into the Movie Star Planet cheat engine?

Just Download it guyss Add me on movie star plnet My Name Is EmmaGirlz

When you type on your name on Movie Star Planet hows comes it turns green?

Cause if you say a cuss word on you name in movie star planet it will turn green because you can use cuss words on movie star planet and if you use a cuss word it will lock you house of ur account for (99989)s for something hours

How do people get free stuff on Movie Star Planet?

On movie star planet, they get free stuff by entering a code were it says "Settings" and then shopping and they just leave. After that, you look into there clothes and there it is. If you want the code, ad me. My name on movie star planet is "prettykittykarely". If you want that code, add me. I'll tell you.

What is a stylish name for Movie Star Planet characters?

Here's a link to a good name generating website.

What is pumpchkins real name on Movie Star Planet?

Shaniqua Pecaloozi (She's Indian)