What is katsumas favourite food?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well it can be any thing it should say on your birth certificate for your katsuma

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Q: What is katsumas favourite food?
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Are Katsumas the best Moshi Monsters?

This is a matter of opinion. Contributors have said: Yes, Katsumas are cute but mischievous but could be the best. Katsumas are popular amongst people. A lot of Katsumas are adopted, so Katsumas are the best.

What is a katsumas favorite food?

i think it mite be katsuma crunch my moshi monster loves it

What do katsumas like to do in moshi monsters?

Katsumas like to do a lot of things... it depends on what your katsuma needs. Katsumas love Katsuma Crunch-that is like a ceral for katsuma... they like dressing up, too!

Where do you get katsumas baby photo from moshi monsters?


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in katsumas klothes

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