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Each monster is different. Take your monster shopping at the Gross-ery store and buy food. Your monster will say something positive (such as "Yummy") if you choose a food it likes.

Also, when you feed a food to your monster, you can check to see how many health points it adds. The more points it adds, the better your monster likes that food.

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Q: What food do Katsumas like on moshi monsters?
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What sport does Katsuma like on Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters Katsumas like martial arts!

What do katsumas like to do in moshi monsters?

Katsumas like to do a lot of things... it depends on what your katsuma needs. Katsumas love Katsuma Crunch-that is like a ceral for katsuma... they like dressing up, too!

What do katsumas do on moshi monsters?

They are like normal monsters but eat different don't fly and runs rather than walking. Quite aggressive rather have poppet or Furi or Diavlo best for me n many others!

What is a furi's favourite food on moshi monsters?

Well every moshi's taste is different (even if the two monsters are the same). Try everything to see which your monsters like best.

How do be a slave on Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters like to be free - you cannot become a slave on Moshi Monsters!

What is a website like Moshi Monsters?

Club penguin is like moshi monsters.

What does healthy food look like on moshi monsters?

most of the time its the more expensive

What is the Daily Growl on Moshi Monsters?

The Daily Growl is like a newspaper for Moshi Monsters that shares information about what is happening on Moshi Monsters.

What game is similar to Moshi Monsters?

A game that is a bit like Moshi Monsters is Club Penguin.Neopets is also similar to Moshi Monsters.

What does Mr Moshi look like on moshi monsters?

Mr. Moshi is a white Furi. He is the creator and owner of Moshi Monsters.

How do you stab your Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters don't like violence. They like all things pink, fluffy and soft. For this reason you cannot stab Moshi Monsters.

What makes a loyal pet in moshi monsters cry?

You don't want to make your monter cry. If it does..... take good care of it. Like feed it food, take it to games,... puzzle palace,...etc. If you click on it too much, it will get annoyed. Some monsters like poppets, furi, katsumas, will cry. The others just get super mad. They will tell you something like: Did you know that doing that is mean? If they tell you that, that means that don't do it any more.