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The Pokemon is a Wynaut, and it is born at level 5. It eventually evolves into a Wobbuffet, which you can find in the Safari Zone, before or after you beat the Elite 4. or its a bad egg that makes u go back to your last save

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Q: What is inside the egg from the lady at the hot springs in Pokemon emerald?
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What is inside the 2 egg from the lady at the hot springs in Pokemon emerald?

A lv5 Whynaut

How do you get a wynaut in Pokemon emerald How do you hatch the egg given by lady at hotsprings?

Well there are a few ways like going to the person in laveridge town getting the egg by the lady at the hot springs then hatching the egg or you can go to mirage island and get it

What Pokemon do you get out off the egg in emerald?

you get a wynaut from the old lady

What is the Pokemon in the egg from the lady that gives it you in Pokemon emerald?

wynaut at lv. 5

Where do you get a luxury ball in pokemon emerald?

The sunken SHip, or the Quiz Lady, or the Pokemon Lottery.

How do you get a Togepi in emerald?

There is a lady standing in front of the hot springs who gives you a egg which then evolves into wynaut You have to trade it from another Pokemon game, and the egg from hot spring doesnt evolve to wynut, it evolves to wobbuffet.

What is the Pokemon that you get from the lady at hot springs?

It's a Wynaut. The baby form of Wobuffet.

Pokemon emerald how do you know a Pokemon love you?

One of the houses in Verdanturf Town. There is a lady who will enlighten you as to how much the Pokemon likes you.

What does the lady in Pokemon emerald in slateport city mean when she says you have to go for it a little harder?

Once a Pokemon battles enough, the lady will give you an Effort Ribbon.

What Pokemon is in the egg that the old woman gives you in emerald?

If you are speaking of the egg that the lady gives you near the hot springs then the Pokemon is a wynaut. It is a pretty crappy Pokemon until you train it to level 18 when it evolves into a wobbufett. The wynaut will most likely have shadow tag which is helpful with the latis since it prevents escape!

Why do you need harbor mail in Pokemon emerald?

So you can get the coin case from the lady in Mauville City.

In Pokemon emerald a lady tells me a rumour about getting a Pokemon with a long tail?

That rumour is Smeargle, which you find in Artisan Cave in the Battle Frontier. You must go down the waterfall, and keep surfing west until you reach a cave. The only wild Pokemon inside is Smeargle.